"Ten Past Eight" lyrics


"Ten Past Eight"

I've come to find out a few things.
I always want to know. [x4]

Excuse the crudity but why am I so fucking sick?
They offered fruit and so I ate.
I talked until the line was dead. [x2]
My faith just ain't what it used to be.
The building stands, but I can't ignore the cracks and holes in the corners and halls.
I think I broke my back kneeling.

Okay, I guess I'll be more direct now.
If you don't want to talk, [x3]
I'll throw you some questions; you better fucking talk.

First I want to know where the fuck you went.
On vacation when Erin's friend split his head?
Why Kelly can't teach her how to pay for rent; where the fuck are you going I'm not finished yet!
How about the fact that Ashleigh couldn't sleep in her bed?
Four years, and we're lucking with the tubes through her neck.
And dad, I don't have the fucking words anymore; you're the sole reason why I don't believe anymore.
Why do people run every time I open my mouth?
Why can't I keep my fucking secrets to myself?
Why did I have to learn these words on my own? [x2]

You left; I stayed. [x4]
But now, I know. [x3]
There's lessons we need to learn on our own.

We leave marks so we can walk away; we press in hard to make sure the grooves stay.
We leave marks - the habit's in our veins.
We leave marks that's just our way.

We get sick, but we can get better. [x3]
We're all sick, we're all sick. [x4]
We're all sick, but we can get better.

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