"Senile Mr. Spot" lyrics


"Senile Mr. Spot"

All of this hate, manifests inside of me, and it's pulling me away from her.
It is ripping me in two, I will drag him from you.
I can't escape, the image burned in my head, existing only to reveal it's true.
This is what I have to do, I will tear him from you.

You know the saying well, I'll sleep when I'm dead.
You'll get plenty of rest with a mound of dirt on your head.

It must be hard to speak the truth, with rows of broken teeth.

Feast your eyes on this mess that you made, see the blood run under your feet.
You'll never understand what this means to me, you'll never comprehend what we could be.
It starts to show when you feel something or not, when gold starts to crumble and metal to rot.
We were meant to stand tall, meant to sit on a throne, now an empty void is all that's left to show.
So you went and destroyed this elation we felt, this creation we had, you shot that to hell.
So I'll carve out your headstone and lay out your place, light a match and watch your grave go up in the flames.

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