"People In Glass Houses Sink Ships" lyrics


"People In Glass Houses Sink Ships"

She stands as though she cannot find the words to say, but I know.
This night, her stare, her laugh, her eyes, are all saying let's go.
The dress is softly flowing on and singing its denial.
While all the feelings left unsaid hide behind her smile.
I know where this is going, but you still leave me hoping,
This one chance can be different, oh why can't I walk away?

Fall back down, these distant memories of, you and me never cease up.
I know that, they will come back to haunt you, they will come back to haunt you.

I feel like this is life, burning me alive, saying its goodbyes, one look at a time.

I've dabbled in this game before, but somehow it can never quit,
When every word you have to say is nothing short of hypocrite.
The dust behind my battered feet will be all that your eyes will see.
And every time you start to weep will be every time you look at me.

Your flaws beg to heal, but they can't until you get over yourself.

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