"Moments" lyrics



It's be so long since I could speak my mind,
I'm too busy watching moments pass me by,
But I don't practice what I speak.
I only practice how to preach.
But maybe, we can take a drive and I can show you that dead nights can come alive.
I can show you that dead nights can come alive.

So if you let me stay awhile, I'll pull lines from your bookshelf,
Share your blurry stories, you go first,
I'll show you my demons if you show me yours.
I live my life by the windows lately; you should stop and stare out with me.
I promise I won't feel a thing, but my promises are always empty.
It's always empty here.

If I were you I wouldn't show your face around here.
Get too close, and the tailwind will tear you in two.
But if you think you can weather the storm, I'll show you how ripped roots can come alive.

How about we both take our chances? I think the odds are starting to look up.
(Let me in for just one night)
Time to cash in on the fact that I'm,
(It's hard to tell the difference between fate and luck)
So tired of dreaming alone.
(Your choices are sound but they always get the best of you)
Why not try letting go?

Speak up or let the moment pass you by. [x4]
Are you with me? Can you feel it too? Are you with me? Are you listening? [x2]

It's always empty here. [x2]

Thanks to Keegan for these lyrics

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