"Do You Have A Link Cable?" lyrics


"Do You Have A Link Cable?"

A beast in the night, a demon with a God complex, he's ready to find,
An abandoned shack, in a hopeless wood, where petty love is misunderstood.
Taking off at full force, he can't count the limbs and cant feel remorse,
A bang echos from the door, the foundation shakes and the cedar splinters.

And now, my empty arms (he comes to take you from my grasp)
They plead and beg for you (this shattered glass is all we have left)
And as the rain is falling down (pleasure and pain for him the lines are grayed)
There's nothing I could do. (murdering love is nothing but a game)

Cue collapse, a mighty fall that rings into the depths.
From the darkness, comes an empty, haunting, silhouette.
It takes a step, now full in stride and heavy advance.
Cutting down, the obstacles lying in his path.

She hits the floor.

And I couldn't do a goddamn thing, when he laughed at us, and tore you from me,
Paralyzed, horrified, I watched him cut as you began to bleed.
And I'll waste away upon this rotted floor, face down and broken,
Forevermore, drowning in the blood and any feeling that remains.
And I'll fade away thinking of, how I never got to say,
I'd be there to protect you, no matter how far, and always.
I'll wrap my arms around you, I'll be your shelter from the rain.
These words although unspoken, I swear, I'll take them to my grave.

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