"Friends To The World" lyrics


"Friends To The World"

Bullshit security, bullshit pride
A circle of friends, but no one to confide
Share a forty and it's friends to the world
Alone in a crowd, but never knowing why

Barriers high, but always feeling low
The sorrow and rage, but no one ever knows
Will things change? No me? Who you?
With excuses and excuses, and so our story goes

Day to day reactions devoid of compassion
Blobs of flesh consumed with distraction
Raised in a world, taught to never cry
Unless you're a female, and never mind why

Our frustration and anxiety, life has no meaning
Our lives just a shell, alone and demanding
Barriers amongst us, feelings left to rot
To open to another is a crime rarely thought
And who do you fucking blame?
Not me! Who you?

To speak of love in our daily lives
So hard a gesture, we'd rather hide
We pity ourselves and forget the others
And heaven forbid, we've ourselves forgotten

We double our standards and redouble our walls
We race in a circle, awaiting our fall
And more than anything we just want understanding
But to break down a wall? Our fear's too demanding

And who do you fucking blame?
Not me! Who you?

"Love conquers all" so someone said
"Without that love revolution's dead"
But our callused growth has taken the head
We lose ourselves unto ourselves instead
Is there a chance to speak of truth?
Is your hope pre-made, just another excuse?
Insecure shells, fragile but thick
Such shallow relations, and we're all fucking sick'
"Love conquers all" so someone said
"Ignorance that love, our revolution's dead"
What hope, what future do your lonely eyes seek?
Are we our own defeat?

The recognition of the personal
The understanding of the relations
Amongst one another.
We all close doors.
Superficial friendships
And we still talk of anarchy?
Too caught up in ourselves or our issues
We ignore the revolution
That happens with the words you speak to a friend
Your moment's now.
Change is sudden.
No more regrets.
Move forward.

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