"Everything Is A Front" lyrics


"Everything Is A Front"

What are we to think when those who carried the banner of revolution
and builds a reputation for attacking corporate oppression suddenly finds
themselves cooperating with the corporate system they once repudiated?

Is this the road to revolution paved by the people who oppress us?

Will they truly help sow the seeds of their own destruction?

Surely we cannot be expected to believe these lies.

Revolutionary movements aren't made by fifteen minutes of popstar fame,
they're built on tenacity and the honest interest of individuals.

You cannot dictate radicalism from the pulpit of consumerism.

You simply become another product to be bought and sold and forgotten
about when the next big thing comes along.

Sute, the money is good for a year or two; but when all is said and done,
how much is achieved when the movement is still struggling and you're
paying back the debts owed to the major label?

Popularity must come from a genuine belief in the person/band/movement/idea,
not from the marketing department of a corporation.

How can we build a new world when we cooperate with the structures of the old?

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