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Featuring From The Cradle To The Rave

Roll up roll up riot rude bwouys
The venomous ravers are upping the anti
From the grids of Glasgow to the streets of Mexico
Infecting your ears, Razo lets go!

Took a chance in my own depression
While you take me in the wrong direction
Myths and lies that you truly give in
Vampirized since we start believing
While trusting you, you sucked my life
But in the end you were all talk
I can’t believe I was so dumb
Oh well, that’s it, life keeps move on

I’m sick of the struggle
Through the rubble and the inferno
What’s left of what we had?
You let it burn I watched it crumble
Cos I’m sick of you
And of me
And of being right
Bout how wrong we could be right from the very start
But I can’t pretend (In the End)
That I don’t love it here (We Shall Cheer)
If I didn’t care (All Those Lies)
I wouldn’t keep on and on (Means Survive)

Abusive congregations
Will sure mean our desegregation
Even thought you know this feeling
We’ll survive and take the killing
While my trust is disappearing
I’ll bow down to further teachings
Cuz I have no more intentions
Than the one with aspirations

You’re a social murdarah
You betrayed
Yeah you a vampiyah
Sucking trust from yer pray
We come across your kind the living dead every day
Hiding in yer coffin no responsibility no!
This just makes me stronger
It only takes a stake through the heart
To kill a vampiyah
Yeah to have a new start
We fight on through the shit
To reach the good times
There are more of us than them
Never giving up on like minds!

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