"I’m So Sick Of You" lyrics


"I’m So Sick Of You"

I’m so sick of you
All the things that you believe
Ya can’t bring me to
All the bullshit you give in
No wonder why
You’re an idiot and a sheep
No tears of abuse
Can’t relate those things to you

I was born but rot n dead!

While your fireworks of hate shined up on my grave
The glory I was holding just fade in our summer
Cuz I’m sick of you and the portraits of pain
As the cancer progress In the bladder of madness
I infuse my desire with hate

Not the one with perfect lies
Ya don’t know the truth
Just the pictures of my past
No wonder why
I was feed on empty lives
Your words can’t change
How I see you, who you where
I was born but rot n dead!

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