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Buenos días all over the world
And it's grown population where the sun gave up
We're against aggravation, But we're still pro choice
And we are doing all we can just to enlight more hope
Finally come to set it right
I hate morons I hate people and I won't deny
Your bullshit has crossed the line
And I won't stick to you, cuz

I'm sick of being nice
That doesn't get me anywhere
I'm sick of being polite
Cuz no more bullshit I will take
Controlling up my mind
Against this assholes in my way
I think I'll fuck my life
If I keep on do the same

All across the nations, so all across the globe
What I'm telling to you people is
Don't take shit from anyone
Fight your right to your freedom
Fight your right on what you know
Don't let any stupid a-holes tell you what you‟re worth
But now… just say

Fuck you!

There's plenty unpleasant people In this world today
Politicians, aggravators, any kind of place
They don't care, about your money, your religion or your face
Cuz it really doesn't matter if you are black or gay
They will steal you, they will kill you and then they'll beat up your grave
Just remember there's two words that you'll eventually say
You should use 'em nice and easy to the ones that deserve
Cuz in every single language they work for the same


Fuck You!

Thanks to Raz_Anti for these lyrics

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