"Even/Sacrifice" lyrics



your words have me on my knees
they cut so close, would you believe?
some prose from me to you so
awakened to melody
when not all, but most my dreams
have started to come to bloom, so
so what's that saying for you, you, you? yeah

even though it's a sacrifice
and common sense is feeding
a lie so damn convincing
well i still know what's good and right

a place and time to reflect
it's when faith is all that's left
the strength arose from you so
spurred on by words from friends
i find myself in healing hands
three words ring out so true than
than a thousand from you, you, you, yeah

given another chance
i don't want your pain anyway
given another chance
i don't want your pain anymore

all that i hope
is that you find
reasons, release identified

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