"They (The Eternal Myth And Paradox)" lyrics


"They (The Eternal Myth And Paradox)"

Who are these people who believe they have the right
The knowledge and the wisdom to impose their barbaric way of life
Upon you and I and others in this world
Which itself belongs to all of us or haven't they fucking heard

Who are these people who support the cause of war
And use their false morality and label it as law
Who are all these people who change happiness to pain
And turn the suffering of one into another's so called gain

Who are these people who wreak starvation and disease
And who are these people who build their system based on greed
Who are these people who create aggression, fear and hate
And then use them as tools to keep all others in their place

We have created all greed and all hate
For we are as one and do so must all take the blame
We are pleading for heaven whilst accepting this hell
We're asking for liberty whilst repressing ourselves
We are controlled by outsiders to whom we pledge our support
By our silence and acceptance we too are at fault
We sit and we suffer, and worse believe it's okay
Or we scream till we die but it won't go away
We may advocate peaceful or armed revolutions
But all we create are more institutions
To bind us and blind us, and tell us we're free
To restrict and confine us within normality,
Well freedom is internal or haven't you sussed
To possess freedom of mind is the first forward thrust
And normal, what's normal? but a lie and a con
And the most over populated prison where nobody belongs
The thought police are with us, they have been for years
They've standardized values with their weapon of fear
Fear of being pointed at of not blending with the crowd
Well we'll state we're individuals but never too loud
We're frightened and scared of the extent of our plight
And we hide in the darkness when presented with light,
We've polluted and poisoned and mistreated this land
We've tamed all the animals but failed to tame "man"
We eliminate symptoms rather than the cause
We are all the disease but we are also the cure
The rich and the poor and the weak and the strong
The black and the white and the old and the young
For givers and takers and daughter's and son's
For good against evil our work has begun
We must all stand together to rid this world of war
And of want and of suffering, so open your door
To harmony to unity to equality to sharing
Start breathing start feeling start living start caring
We can reach new horizons of trust and respect,
We can live hand in hand and let peace take effect,
We can open our hearts to compassion and love
We can open the cage that imprisons the dove
We can open our minds to be alive and be free
We can take down our barriers and reveal the true we

There is not them
And us.
There's only
You and me

Thanks to Sam for these lyrics

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