"The World's Biggest Runt" lyrics


"The World's Biggest Runt"

An animal has a heart, and flesh that's precious
(But obviously more to "man" than animal)
An animal is a live. It has a body, a mind
And is it forever and ever to be abused by "man" kind
At peace in its field but when human comes near
It cowers and trembles with fear
It can sense that at some point in its life
"Man" will lead it to fate with the blade of "his" knife
"Eat your pet puppy? What a cruel thing to say."
But lead a lamb to its slaughter and of course that's okay
The blood soaked death house to the well gr(k)illed meat
What right do you offer for the life that you steal?
Meat at the restaurant...medium or rare?
How did it get there? Too few really care
Animal for breakfast. Animal for tea.
Animal for supper. "Well who cares?" (We)
Picture the family. Knives in their hands
All waiting for Mummy to produce the dead lamb
Expectant and hungry to chew on it's flesh
Little Sue doesn't like meat. But 'Mummy knows best'
She'll tell Sue of protein because that's all that she sees
Mummy's unaware of blood and heart disease
There's millions starving because there's meat on the table
but try and tell Mummy and she'll dismiss it as fable
Animals in cosmetics. Animals to eat
Animals fill stomachs. But a life is not meat
Animals imprisoned and engaged for our pleasure
Used and abused as mere toys for our leisure
Destroyed and tortured in "mans" laboratory
Humiliated and stripped or all dignity
Dissected and burned and poisoned to death
And what is the reason? So one may add to ones "wealth"
Animals for clothing animals for meals
But what right do you offer for the lives that you steal?
Animals to shoot at animals to hunt
Definition of human.......................

We completely denounce the barbaric belief that to slaughter so called
lesser species for profit
should be viable and morally acceptable to take the life of any living creature
we see as being totally unacceptable. Deeming ourselves as the most intelligent species
we appear to have reached the conclusion that all other species are expendable.
The archaic way of thinking has led to both the extinction
and near extinction of hundreds of species of animal during our short time on earth.
What we are faced with is a complete reassessment of our whole moral standards.
Not only do we use animals to achieve our own ends.
We also seem to believe that it is our natural right to do so.

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