"The Buck Stops Here" lyrics


"The Buck Stops Here"

Is life better than death
If so, then surely peace must be better than war
If suffering is something that nobody wants
Why should it escalate more
Are we really so afraid we have to close our eyes
And ignore that these things exist
Some of us believe that it's more important
To feed the banker before the poor
And some are not quite sure just what they want
But they're positive that they want more
Conflict in the name of peace
As we declare war again and again
Seems to be that the politics of power
Are brutal murder equals material gain
Why are we content to ride the wave
Whilst forgetting about the storm
And why must the hand that delivers the child
Seek to strangle the unborn
Rich, stinking, parasite
Wealth in wallet but none in mine
Divorced from want and oblivious to
The unfortunates of humankind...
And meanwhile, half a world away
A baby cries, dying of hunger,
It's tiny body ravaged by disease,
An old man falls to his knees
Embracing a blood stained corpse that once carried life
The battering corpse of his wife
A grief stricken mother turns silently from a window
As she waits for her son who'll never return
Another victim of another cause
In the playground wide eyed children play war games
Whilst on the other side of the street real war continues
guns and bombs as toys
Or the real mccoy
Men pointing rifles out of armored cars
Creates tension, causes bloodshed
And we fool ourselves, as some of us believe that this is peace
A grain of rice a day
Keeps malnutrition at bay...(bollocks)
Most so called aid to the third world
Comes in the form of weapons
We'll I'm sorry mate but something's gone wrong
If we seriously believe that guns and bombs preserve life
Seems to us that the opposite is true
Weapons create wealth only for the arms dealers
Is it really okay to make profit out of death
Civilization? We're but a fucking joke
We're never find peace unless we find ourselves
But it's late and it's getting very dark outside

When we are confronted with obstacles in our path towards a more compassionate and wholesome way of life. Too often we pass the blame on to someone or something else. We do this in order to remove the burden from ourselves. And thus we distort the problem rather than solve it. The ends we reach for cannot be achieved unless we find in ourselves what we desire to see throughout the world. An awareness of what we are doing, and where it is leading us, is the first major stage and found our own way through it, can we further our own personal progress. it is then, that we may reflect on what we see, and, if necessary, make efforts to change ourselves.

When we have learnt to recognize the strength that lays within each and every one of us, the foundations for a truly harmonious world will have been laid. When we have learnt to use this strength to it's full advantage, when we have learnt to share it with those who have not yet found it within themselves, we may then, and only then, begin to really set forth on the path towards a peaceful coexistence for all to share.

Together we can change the world, but time is running out and the buck stops with you.

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