"Return To Manzanar" lyrics


"Return To Manzanar"

10 years after, his guts still churned, He packed his bag and he returned
To people like horses they were well bred, Beauty in the flesh but empty in the head
They talked of money and trains so fast, Manicured smiles for the lower class
From a city on a hill where greed is sacred, They sneered at the world their parents created

{All their cocaine and credit cards, Didn't get them very far
All of their money and fancy cars, didn't drive them far from Manzanar}

Black and white like a photograph, All that was good was in the past
The ground was amber waves of green, The future looked so serene
The people were cold, their edges sharp, Plastic mouths open out came the bark
You're the under class, not like the rest, all your life you'll be second best


A jury of peers or was it fate? That turned all his love into hate
A snarling dog spitting out broken teeth, He fought every inch but the grade was steep
Backed in a corner, they beat him down, a wreath of thorns for his boyhood crown
Not gonna live an eternity of shame, he killed himself and stole my name

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