"Trid Lane" lyrics


"Trid Lane"

Run for your life or we die by your side
Yet we fear all that's here
This is truly suicide

Run for your life or they will find you
Nothing to hide but the demons inside you

This is the part where you start to panic
Outside and hungry they're moving in, they smell the blood
Skin starts to burn as their teeth sink in
We had no choice, we never saw this, for so long

One, by one they're making their way through all of us
And time is running out

If we die here we'll now that we have died in vein
But we created another devil inside that we cant break
This is all pretend

Now, now,
The blood spills from your mouth [x2]

And we will stand up and push these men back to the grave
Overwhelmed by death we slowly watch our numbers fade
You can hear them screaming from inside the crowd
We have no choice but to turn around and fight
Fight until your last breath there will be nothing left

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