"That Ain't Falco" lyrics


"That Ain't Falco"

You come to me with your hands held high
I should have known it was you in this disguise
All you wanted was to see the pain in our eyes
Forcing your ways onto us
We were only children but we wont forget
Our hearts will hold this anger
Not just for you, she did this too
We will never forgive either of you
The screams still ringing inside my ears

Dead silence will fall after all of this
I can't muster a sound when you are near
Because I know that I will gain these wounds
These scars will never heal
It's just a game to you
Picking out the weakest ones

Every night there will be no sleep
Because you have now tortured us all for so long
Now I can see whats wrong
Every night try to forgive and forget
Because this is something I cant just let go
Your words will leave a crushing blow

And when this all becomes the truth
You'll know how I felt hanging from a noose
My feet still on the ground, and know that I will
Repay you for all those wrongs that you have done to the both of us

This is your last breath

Never breathing again know that I wont let you win
You were never a friend your evil was shown in the end

Now that I've got all of my revenge
The devil will stand over my head
But it means nothing to me
Because I have re-payed you for what you have done
Every last thread has been cleansed
I swore that I would not do this ever again
Know that I can and I will if I have to.

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