"Watch It Burn" lyrics


"Watch It Burn"

Let's watch it burn and burn and burn into oblivion,
it self-destructs without leaving anyone behind and now that everything is gone,
no one will ever really know.

Before the fall we could see it all it fell into place just like we knew it would.

Into the fire we throw everything,
just watch it burn cause we don't need anything.
We are the ones who always stand aside,
watching the world as it commits suicide.

You've seen it before.
You'll see it again and again and again, up until the end.

We know this is our right. We have the fucking right,
to burn this mother fucker down into the ground.
In this generation, we breed incompassion.
The Manifestation of corruption powered by greed.

Fall into line, be counted one by one.
This is your chance to see the fall of the new Rome.

No one ever wanted it to turn out this way
but now you've gone too far and now you're gonna have to pay
cause we know this is our right.
We stand, as one unite, with fists in air, swinging at your fucking face.

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