"Tragedy" lyrics



There's a friend of mine I'd like to introduce to you.
His name is tragedy, maybe known by some of you.
He's been coming around a lot lately and I've been fading.
I'd like you to meet tragedy.

So many times I fought for these things in my life I just ignore.
I'm tired of always losing this war.
I will never be free from Tragedy.
My friend tragedy.

When the lights go down on this broken side of town the loneliness it creeps on in
and I am all alone again and he will always be there with me no matter where I'll be.
I'd like you to see my Tragedy.

Some days are better than others.
He's been around me so much he’s becoming like a brother.
Maybe I want him here,
maybe I'll let him stay just to keep me company, Tragedy.

Yeah it is plain to see that tragedy will always be a part me
and I will never be free from Tragedy.

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