"Devil Woman" lyrics


"Devil Woman"

What have I done to deserve this?
Think I've been cursed by a witch.
Cause lately I have been paying.
My heart's been getting slayed by the one I call the devil.
Horns are holding up a halo,
but I know that she's an angel.
I know that she can’t be true.

Whatever I do, never enough. Give it to her when she wants it rough.
When I tell her I've had enough, she always calls my bluff.
She can read me like a label. Eyes are red and sometimes hazel.
It feels like I'm in a fable of the evil fallen angel.

I see you now I know you.
Through all the smoke now I can see you.
This is a bad dream that has come true.
I've always had my inclinations about you.
But now I know it's true and I don't know what to do.

She's a psychotic devil woman.
And with her there's no way to win.
Sometimes she resembles Satan.
I saw her sticking baby ears on a necklace this bitch is relentless.

She's taking, I'm giving, a nightmare that I live in.
I think I have lost my head to stay in the same bed.
No way back, back for me now, she nailed my balls on her walls
Now she makes the calls. No way back, back for me now,
I signed my name on the line, my balls are no longer mine.

No way out, out for me now. She's taking, I'm giving,
a nightmare that I live in. I must be out of my head.
That's what John Bobbit said.

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