"Calling Out" lyrics


"Calling Out"

What have I done? What could this be?
Why have I been seeing things lately?
Why do I hear voices so late at night?
They're calling.

Can't get these voices outside of my head
they're looking at me as I lay in bed.
I check myself to see if I'm still alright.

I'm calling out but it seems nobody can hear me.
And now I've lost my mind and nothing is what it seems.
The voices in my head, they are calling out to me now.
I’ve gotta come to grips but I just don't, don't know how.

Why do I see things that can't be?
Why do bad dreams become reality?
Why do I see things I know cannot be?
I don't know.
I don't know what is happening to me.
I'm seeing things that no one else can see.
I know that something's wrong and I'm not alright.

They call my name.
The blood in my veins begins to run cold.

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