"Blinded" lyrics



What could this be I know that something's wrong, but I can't place it.
This is not right, and now I'm struggling, just to face it.
These walls keep closing in on me and I'm claustrophobic.
The sky is turning black to red. And now the sky's caving in.
I'll give it all away and fight for me.
What I have been looking for now I see
but don't wanna believe so I'll close my eyes to see.

I can't find it, I think I'm blinded. I have been searching so long,
Constant confusion, disillusion, discontent, but its all I’ve got.
This war keeps raging on in me and I'm losing slowly.
I know this war I can not win but I will never give in.

Cause I can't breathe this air any longer.
I can't fight for no one, stand alone.
I can't breathe this air it grows stronger.
I can't fight for no one, stand alone.

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