"It Kills You To Know" lyrics


"It Kills You To Know"

It feels so unreal that we accept this to go on. The pain and suffering that so many reduce to nothing at all. I hold you responsible for the actions that you choose. You can't claim your innocence when you claim power over their lives. How can anyone choose death beafore life? You turn your face away from the pictures. You don't want to see the horror in their eyes; you want to go on just like before. Just like always. Putting whatever body part you want in your mouth without the moral conflict. I hear their screams they are endless. I see them in pain from the torture, dying in the murdermachine that you support. Support without guilt or perspective. They once had a pulse, hearts that were beating. They felt, they saw and they lived, so beautiful and unique in their ways. How can you go on?

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