"Fact Remains" lyrics


"Fact Remains"

Wasted days I can't rewind
The lessons I have learned
Thankless sun that never shined
The pages I have burned.
A social fading you will find,
May be a life upgrading.

Well I've done my share of defending,
You've done your share of pretending.
The petals wilted months before,
But gardens always bloom some more.
Can't say I always cross my t's,
But I always dot my i's.
And now that I'm through reading lines,
I can ad-lib all of my goodbyes.

It seems much better with this new ending,
We won't interact condescending.
I can kick it to the curb once more,
A dign will read do not disturb.
Can't say I ever felt complete
When I always see through lies.
Now that I'm rid of all deceit,
There is no need to compromise.

This is how lives will separate,
And it's our job to evaluate:
What is worth pushing for,
And when we don't want anymore.
It's ringing clear, it's ringing.
Wasted days I can't rewind

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