"Caller ID" lyrics


"Caller ID"

So these are my friends I don't talk to
Cuz they don't dream like they used to
When we were kids
I'm sorry you knew me
I'm sorry I just felt like a new me
I see you watching me drown
You're looking up
And pulling me down
You held her so close but forgot what she was called
Now I ignore your phone calls
Every time you call

Do you remember what your life was like six years ago?
It makes you sick, all the time you wasted
Maybe it was your father that pushed you in
While I was looking for a different solution
Now I go over to your house
To watch you rot
Unrelenting awkwardness

Started out when we were kids
So I ran as far as I could get
Turn me inside out
And find no trace of you

Every day for you will end the same
Every day for you will end the same

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