"A Day At The Stadium" lyrics


"A Day At The Stadium"

Fortune favours the bold
All my heroes are lost in the past
A statement of intent, a reason to go on
Replay the mistake over and again
You know I won’t give it up till the end
Like the five hundred thousand
Yeah I know that you’ve moved on
But next week you’ll be back again
I’ll make a plan and you’ll understand, together
I’ll never sing this alone
I’ll never sing this alone
I’d like to think that some things will change
I’ll find small comfort in watching you fall
Singing from the heart
Blood sweat and tears
We will never sing that song
It’s not for us
I’ve got respect in this town fuck yeah you know I’m number one
Delusion my friend is your enemy
You’ve travelled all this way just to see me cut you down
Remember your words, they’ll come back to you
As you fall down, so short of your goals given to the set
I awoke in a mist, this time will be different, dreams aren’t born to die
We brought this back and we’re not giving up no
So I’ll never sing this alone
Strangers united and head for the tiers
So I’ll never, never sing this alone
With focus allegiance the standards are turned
So I’ll never, never walk these streets alone
The shirt on my back heading straight towards the goal
So I’ll never sing this alone, I’ll never sing this alone

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