"Revolutionary Fever" lyrics


"Revolutionary Fever"


Liberty’s a word you can’t just use
Freedom is a word you can’t abuse
In this time of mental slavery
You’re never free to choose

No, you can’t take it away
No, you can’t take it from me
What is it you think you see, you god damn Weasel
What are you going to do with my god damn mother fucking

Liberty’s a word that everyone tries
Freedom is a word they think they know
I know you can’t do everything
You want in a single moment

Let’s have another Boston Tea Party
Let’s have another Boston Massacre
Goddammit, I wanna have a war
I wanna fuckin kill some redcoats

It’s an all-out war of attrition
We’ll bleed them into submission
You can’t keep us from the truth
Your freedom is just abuse

Crispus Attucks died for us
All those men out there are bleeding for us
In this regime they fucking chain you to the wall
This empire, it’s time we started its fall

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