"Mutinay" lyrics



Watch out, you're gonna get scurvy
While you're out at sea
If you're sailing on the bounty
Scaliwags, prepare for mutiny

Like a lord of the mighty ship
On the bridge the captain did sit
To the South Seas the crew will travel
Says the captain "I can't stand this rabble"

As the journey wore on and on
This rabble knew that something was wrong
The captain was a land lubbing fucker
Arrrr! We'll send him to Davey Jones Locker!

Hand out cutlasses and powder and shot
For this captain there'll be no black spot
The buccaneers stood ready around the boat
And I stepped up and slit the mate's throat

The swashbuckling sea dogs swarmed the cabin
And some freebooting fellows seized the cannon
Oi matys we've captured the captain
He knows all to well what will happen

Shiver me timbers sailors avast
The jolly roger is up the mast
I got a patch over my eye
Watch out mother fucker you gonna die

He should be keel hauled, should be marooned
But he could still live with only a wound
Today the water seems dank
Too bad for the captain, he'll walk the plank

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