"Don't Fuck" lyrics


"Don't Fuck"

I took over, in 1979, why not use some chemical weapons on children
Murdered opposition, made Iraq mine, what's the world going to do then

Everyone around me is dying (oi, oi, oi)
And I'm doing just fine (oi, oi)
I enslaved this country
I'll kill your children
So don't you fuck with me

Attack Iran, invade Kuwait, burn the oil fields behind me
Kill my family, kill my people, it don't matter what the truth may be

You are wrong and I am right (oi, oi, oi)
Don't even put up a fight (oi, oi)
I enslaved this country
I'll kill your children
Don't fuck with me

Was a terrorist, now I'm president, have Zimbabwe in my pocket
Kill the rich, kill the whites, Western world ain't going to stop it

Children starving, AIDS is spreading, grab more land away from you
No free press, no opposition, I can do what I want to do

Stole China, from Chang Kai-Check, lets have a Long March til starvation
Tell the children to kill their parents, its just Cultural Revolution

Melt all your metal, make useless steel, collectivisation is the future
Struggle meetings, kill the landlords, just playing with a billion people here

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