"Everything Is A Commercial" lyrics


"Everything Is A Commercial"

Everybody come and gather round.
We've got the latest/the greatest hits from the underground.
It's all brand new and improved.
Guaranteed to shake your hips and make you move.
Have the latest trends, be on the cutting edge,
be less ugly and make lots of friends.
We've got faster cars, faster girls,
bigger malls, and bigger balls.
We've got the hottest tramps, we've got the loudest amps...
and here it comes, so turn it up.
Give em what they want. Give em what they need...
We've got what you want. We've got what you need.
Step right up, come on baby won't you bleed for me?
We are the newest black, the color pink.
Got 90 billion ounces of your favorite drink.
From the suburbs to the city streets we've enough clich├ęs.
You don't need to think.
Step right up, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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