"Deaf Before Dishonor" lyrics


"Deaf Before Dishonor"

In the house again, collecting symptoms of sicknesses.
The T.V. is on… the volume is down.
When people move their mouths and nothing comes out… get loud.
In the car again, driving everybody crazy
and then turn the tape deck on, pump up the sounds,
and I roll through the town with the windows down. Get Loud.
Turn it up, tear it up… tear it down. Get Loud.
Can you hear me talking to you?
Can you hear me screaming at you 'til I'm blue in the face?
On the streets again, bill-bored, broke, at my wit's end.
Black blocks over what the papers said.
I see red nine times out of ten. Get Loud.
In the house again, in the car again, on the streets again…
the sky is falling now. The sky is falling down.
What does it take to make you move before it hits you in your head?

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