"Armageddon, Pt. 3" lyrics


"Armageddon, Pt. 3"

This world is becoming all so clear to me
This is the end
Its all around me now
I know that you're leaving
and you'll carry the weight of the world on your back
lay back and let it sink into you
Something here is keeping me quiet again
All of this feels so familiar to me
All of this feels so far away
But these are the things that are
holding us back from the world
We find ourselves tied up inside
and I can't escape from this mess that I've made
What have i become?
When i'm the one thats been afraid for you
Open your eyes to see all thats left of this
Open your eyes to find out what you have created again
I can't find myself
I can't believe that all this has happened

I am the Judge of the Quick and the Dead
I am the Creator and Destroyer of Worlds
You have ever right to be afraid

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