"Whatever, Goodnight" lyrics


"Whatever, Goodnight"

waking up and it seems like forever
I thought we were in this together
so lie to me again
and say the words that I need to hear
to keep your own conscience clear

you never give me anything to go on
so please let go of this string that I'm on
cause my face is numb from hitting the ground
this dirt is so hard to breathe
is that all you think of me

I swear I'd kick in your chest if I could
climb through it
into your heart
where I know I should be forever
but you don't seem to care

so I'll stick this gun up to my face
and make a bet on my life
that's how little faith I have in you and me
another day spinning down the drain
and you left the taste of your indifference
once again it says this flesh is a waste
burn it to the ground

waking up everyday so alone
I thought you'd be here
but I guess I thought wrong

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