"My Only Everything" lyrics


"My Only Everything"

following footsteps of my thoughts
they start our scattered
but each one leads straight back to you
reach in pull half my heart out
it cant hurt cause you already broke it in two

it sucks when seeing you
or hearing your voice
only makes me miss you more

poured my heart into this pen
and pour back out in this letter I'm writing to you
it tells you of my favorite things
and all of the memories i have of you

infatuation with someone can
create a reason that their the one you're meant for
no matter how stupid the reason
it always finds a way to take control

misdirected once again
and i landed on my face
a sweet shot of you followed by a bitter chase

Those nights we said our last goodbye
the same nights you made me cry
cant you see that you are my only everything
those dreams that i used to call ours
and thought about for hours
what would I say if i could say anything
i guess i'd have to say goodbye

please erase the memory
and numb the pain i feel
your cutting through me
as if your words were a blade of steel

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