"But Not Enough" lyrics


"But Not Enough"

you busted up my pride with a hard shot
I'm bleeding from my eyes still you wont stop
my hands did the best they could
but not enough
so talk down to me again
remind me how pathetic I am
and how perfect you were
disappointment offends
and I could really use a friend
but your not listening

I cried my eyes out
begging for you to reach down
still you watched me drown
its never good enough for you
I'm not enough for anyone
I'm not enough for anyone

don't let the direction of your finger blame me
I'll break it off and shove it back through your teeth
so now its pointed it you
if I could have anything
now what would it be
I'd make sure that I owe you nothing
then I'd spit in your face
laugh and walk away
and I'd never look back once

it all be said and done

all you ever take the time to see
are the smallest faults that I
didn't mean to have with me
so don't say I didn't try
cause that's not
too fair to do
cause all I did
I did for you
what's the point in trying when
its never good enough

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