"Behind Me" lyrics


"Behind Me"

and if I stare too long at the sky tonight
will it open up to breath life
back into my lungs they're collapsing into me
the time is right is never true
you can't hold out on time it holds out on you
even when you know your moment is now

so turn your backs
away from what your too afraid to try
don't hold me back
when I decide its my turn to fly
its all for not
but all could be for everything
I'll make sure that the door will close behind me
the distant rise
is suddenly not looking all that seem to far
I'm all stretched out
out from always reaching for the stars
just one wish
and I will be there too
reaching down for someone just like you

what could have should have happened
its so unfair for you
for me it I know its different
I won't give up this soon
at least not this time

sitting staring at the rain
now the play is dead
pull out the chains
and measure out
just how far that you've come

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