"Bailey Bridge" lyrics


"Bailey Bridge"

i wrote this song
for my now ex-girlfriend
but she hadn't heard it yet
so i changed all the words
so that she'll never know what it said
all those witty lines about her
thrown away and gone
but i'll still think about her
everytime I sing this song

the place we used to go
when we wanted to be alone
under bailey bridge
but now its falling down

and i'm still here
holding on to this telephone for 45 minutes
but you hung up a half an hour ago
and that stupid busy signal
is ringing in my head
till a voice came over
and it said

please hang up the phone
and try your call again
maybe thats my sign
to give it one last try

do you remember
when we were all about eachother
walking hand in hand
surrounded by a heart
our names written in the sand
and the sky that night was
almost as beautiful as you

but those days have come and gone
and maybe we were wrong
but its past and I won't dwell
i'll take someone else

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