"That's How You Drop A Bomb" lyrics


"That's How You Drop A Bomb"

Please, I'm only here to protect you
We all know exactly what's going on here
I will kill him
I swear to God he's dead
I bring judgment
I bring judgment
I've kept this in for way too long
I am the end of days
I am the fucking end

Do you still feel so comfortable lying underneath him?
Don’t pretend like we’re so blind

I never said I was a good man
So where you get these ideas is beyond me

I am by no means a saint
And I will not seek forgiveness
I will tear you from society
I am so god damn fed up with every human on this planet
But, you will be first

How does it feel to be a notch on his belt?
I will taste blood by the end of the night

You will cease to be
I'll rip out your fucking teeth
You won't speak
You won't speak
I will eat you bit by bit
You are nothing less than shit
Less than shit
Less than shit

Do you honestly expect me to keep this quiet?

Well I can’t I’ve got to spill it out
Do you believe that I am here to save you
Well I refuse to let this go

And now your world is falling upon you
And there’s no where left for you to run
You can't pretend this never happened
This is real
And when you die
The vultures will not pick at your eyes
They have too much taste for that

This is your era of suffering

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