"Accident Waiting To Happen" lyrics


"Accident Waiting To Happen"

Originally by Billy Bragg

I've always been impressed with a girl
Who could sing for her supper and get breakfast as well
That's the way I am
heaven help me
He said we don't like peace campaigners round here
As he nailed another one to the wall
And that's what gets me in trouble
heaven help me

Goodbye and good luck
To all the promises you've broken
Goodbye and good luck
To all the rubbish that you've spoken
Your life has lost its dignity
Its beauty and its passion
You're an accident waiting to happen

There you are standing at the bar
And you're giving me grief about the DDR
And that chip on your shoulder get bigger as you get older
One of these nights you're gonna get caught
It'll give you a pregnant pause for thought
You're a dedicated swallower of fascism

Time up and time out
For all the liberties you've taken
Time up and time out
For all the friends that you've forsaken
If you chose to waste away
Like death is back in fashion
You're an accident waiting to happen

My sins are so unoriginal
I have all the self loathing of a wolf in sheep's clothing
In this carnival of carnivores
heaven help me

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