"This Hole In The Floor Looks Like Us" lyrics


"This Hole In The Floor Looks Like Us"

The feeling of frailty: the thing that chains me to my seat.
And this constant lie that I’m alive
These cold walls; these cold floors, are beckoning.
I can see a shaft of light. I hope that I can leave.
I’m lost and disappearing again,
The wolves are at my mouth and...
Tied up and ransomed to this life.
But I’m still breathing these chains again

Oh can this be real?

Forget everything they told you ‘cause they’re asleep
With no cause to quench their thirst.
And they've found comfort in their sheets
And are satisfied with being unsatisfied

My tiny pieces are re-arranged; I'm afloat, floating away.
This could be the end of us.
There are pieces of me that can’t be filled anymore
Surely I must be destined for another world.

It’s peering through the darkness
My focus still remains
Now I’m walking for the first time
So close I can taste the air
It’s true I’ve been asleep
It’s true I’ve been asleep.
A rupture in their continuous flow,
I'm an outcast in flesh; but free of the ruse.
This could be the end of us, this could be.
I don’t want to give it up just yet; I just want to forget this.

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