"The Search" lyrics


"The Search"

You're so alive
Let the waves crash over broken shores as we burn down
And fill this place up with your love
We persist to ignore your whispers
You've come so far
A mile away from what is
Press on
Spell it out this time, tell me what you have to say
With heavy hearts we'll never
I know that when you cut the silence I'll be home
I know
It's all for you
It's broken, you sold your soul
You can take me home
Come back home
Still on these sky lit wings we lay when all the rest have gone
You'll never give up on me
Restless, come find me here
Every time I start to come crashing down, you're there to catch me
You're there to pick me up and we'll fall asleep in your grace tonight
Search him, embrace his love, search him find home tonight
I can't turn my back
I will see this to the end
This everything that you want
Let him in, let him in
I can see the end

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