"Oh Lethargy, Why Do You Covet Me?" lyrics


"Oh Lethargy, Why Do You Covet Me?"

Sewn together, piece by piece then I’m torn apart.
My mistakes are chipping at my heels.
Thunder peals in my glass, this cheap defeat.
Always against the grain
Failure knows my name to well.

Oh God: I’m blinking in and out
And these cold walls; these cold floors are back again
And I thought I left them.

My nails are blunt from all the biting.

All I want never seems to work out, how I planned, how I planned
All I want never seems to matter, it’s all I have, it’s not my plan

Dreams flick through my blood, do these determine who I am?
Well they make me sick. He’s won again.
I can’t erase these images
All these thoughts keep speaking in my ears.
Take these, my tarnished things, even though you see me clean.

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