"Ocean's" lyrics



I’ve been swimming around the waves and being slowly swept away.
It’s closing in: the undertow: is gonna bury me.
And I seem to notice, my clarity diminishing,
I’m questioning everything. Submerged in the filth of my foolishness.

I can’t explain this progress, I can’t explain
How did I put myself here?
How did I lose my self control?
Behind the walls I can watch my mountains grow.
How can I speak of this? I feel I can’t speak of this.

I need to be rescued from this place,
Look at all the dirt in my hands, I can’t hold this weight.
And all the waves are crashing, now that I am sinking,
Now it all becomes so clear, all this time all this time

There, your hand was there all along
This filthy habit had me in a stronghold
Why is it that I always try to help myself?
When you were my councillor, you are my councillor.

Grace come, these mountains, peel them away,
I’ve been staring at the floor
And I fueled the waves that swallow me,
I have no air.
Take your first steps to recovery.
I’m a fool, clean me up, clean me out.
It goes deeper than you know.

Thanks to Andyclysm for these lyrics

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