"It's Only A Matter Of Time" lyrics


"It's Only A Matter Of Time"

Where are we heading, what have we done to come this far?
Right now, speak up I want to hear your voice
I am not a silhouette of your imagination
I'll never forget this place is filled with regret
Give me something, to hold this life together,
I know it's hard to say these words
Maybe someday I'll mean more than words to you,
But for now I'll be waiting with loving arms
I will
Scratch together these broken pieces they don't fit right
Your attempts to replenish are hopeless
Reach the surface, open up your lungs and breathe me in
Now I've become more than a whisper to you
Take my hand, walk with me, I'll walk with you
Now set your eye line high and speak to me
I am power over wind and waves
The flood is coming so gather your air
Give it to him before it's too late

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