"Inability To Breathe" lyrics


"Inability To Breathe"

You're too busy to see my hands
It doesn't hurt to open up your eyes
You're throwing your life away
I can't stand to see you do this to yourself
You step towards this lie you call living
I can see you breath, but are you really breathing?
Fight deception
You say you'll find yourself without him,
How can you be so blind?
Wish you would see the light and step away from your old life
How long will it take you for you to realise,
You're moving faster and time is running out
Break free, find his outstretched arms
You're worth more than what you think you are
You won't let me help no matter how I try
Your choices are running out but I'm on your side
I can see you suffering, cry help me
I can see you suffering
Untie this knot around my neck, transparent identity
What will it take to make you see that His love is true?
When will you hand you're life back over to Him?

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