"How Glorious, This Alteration" lyrics


"How Glorious, This Alteration"

You'll find out just what you're looking for
There's got to be a change in this life because your warmth is unsatisfying
Your choice is crucial, be aware of what you let into
These choices are overwhelming,
You've chosen the very thing that you should be running from
Is this your alteration and does it feel any different?
Press towards this bright salvation
Hold it, grasp it
I can see the water slipping through your rugged repairs
It's not safe out there yet
Push on and hold together what you have left
Hold it together he's trying to break through
You will see the fault in your fabric
You don't know
Pray for help, pray for a way out of here
Now you can see that it's not a wall it's just a curtain
It's blinding you from the truth
Give it all you have left
Suffocating, you got to break this off your life,
Because I hate to see you crumble with all these broken pieces
You'll find out just what you're looking for

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