"Change And The Constant Struggle" lyrics


"Change And The Constant Struggle"

Oh my hands are unclean; I’ve been hiding in the shadows.
Trapped in a fortress of my own self-pity.
Flood this wretched life of mine with your mercy.
Only the king can be my saviour.
Break down the bricks that hold me here.
Rip these chains off of me.
Release the grip you hold so tight around my throat.

Deliver me.
Deliver me,
until there’s more of You and less of me.

Why is this love I feel in the times that I’ve hurt You the most,
And You take my mess as your own.
You break down my empire;
Because every stone I’ve laid has divided us a mile away.

Pull the scales from your eyes,
The light is blind but I can see,
All Your majesty.
Will you carry, the weight, the weight of love? We live, we live.

All this time, all this time, I can’t pick up the pieces just yet,
All this time, all this time, not just yet it’s a work in progress.
They sound the drums of war, and soldiers draw their swords.
The arches flame their arrows, and aim them at their own fort,
What a loving way to burn, inside.
Watch my towers sinking to the dust.
Will you carry?

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