"Separate Your Jaw" lyrics


"Separate Your Jaw"

Learn to separate your jaw
When you find things are hard to swallow

The wolves are closing in
I've got a head full of pills.
And my hands are shaking
I need to shed this winter skin
It's a fall from grace
I thin we all should take.

If your careful with the flame
You could save yourself
Quite a bit of pain
And if your're careful with a heartbreak
You could cover up
And replace

You can say you don't care at all
But I know better
It's your eyes that betray you
As you stand and face the squall,
Don't be afraid
I won't let you die alone.

I can't seem to stop
I'm bouncing back and forth
And everywhere around you
And I can't seem to get up
My heads so cloudy
the wolves are coming and its...


Thanks to Kathleen for these lyrics

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