"Mr. Crepes" lyrics


"Mr. Crepes"

You, see it, a little paradise on the gray of the street
Mr. Crepes gives his welcome to you
A rounded man wears only yellow,
knifes in hand too fast to follow
An idol for us just cooking simple crepes
Eggplant and white chocolates
Dog shine bone with chocolate,
pine seed and a lot of rice crispies
I couldn't want a better crepes like this, Thanks.
Menu's complete,
from 9 to 5 the crowd can choose the rubbish to eat
And a merchandise, mr. Crepes give me your endorsement
I know that your job get high,
when you walk to the roads people labels you THE CLOWN.
Sugar 'n' potatoes, ham with cream
the best place I've never seen
A titbit better to swallow, better to see

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