"Everynight (Mugna)" lyrics


"Everynight (Mugna)"

ActionMen are ready to drink our fill
No water no coke Mauro's watching us..
how many teeth!? His smile's so big but not equal
to the liters that's we gulp down
A night drunk drilling girl with the plastic cock
Let's rock
The car's out of bounds
Eternity I desire this night couldn't pass the day streak
Cold dawn
A car too fast, inside a wine taste
You can see dick showers, dancers, barmen, disco gets us free
But the tragedy's near:
Have to go back home
My drunk mind should feel the fear
Eternity like this street, how far is my bed!?
A cross?! Wake Up Friend!! SOCK!
A car too fast, inside a wine taste,
4 friends = 1 driver
The day after.. headached laughs

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